Carolina Grassfed Beef
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NO, WE DO NOT HAVE MILK, TURKEY, OR BUFFALO, and we never will.  

No, we cannot sell lungs, brains, or sweetbreads, and the processor won't sell it to you either.

HOURS: We do not keep regular store hours as this is a working farm.  Please call to let us know when you would like to come purchase beef, pork, chicken, or eggs, and we will be happy to meet you at the store! 

How much meat will I have to put in my freezer if I buy a half  beef?

     a.  It depends on your cutting preference (how much bone-in and boneless cuts you end               up with), the hot carcass weight, and cooler shrinkage (dry aging). 

Including processing fees, what is the average cost for a half?

      a. $1931.25 is the AVERAGE COST for a half beef based on half of the hot                  carcass weight of a whole beef weighing 650 lbs.

How is that cost calculated?

       a.  We charge $5.00 per lb hot carcass weight.  If the hot carcass weight of the

             whole animal  is 650 lbs, the hot carcass weight for half of it is 325 lbs.  

             325 lbs x $5.00/lb = $1625.00

The processing fee is .85 per pound of hot carcass weight, so

                325 lbs x .85 = $276.25,    and

               $1625.00 + $276.25 = $1901.25

The slaughter fee for an animal is $60, and half of that is $30

                (remember we're calculating cost for a half, not the whole beef) so,

                $1901.25 + $30 slaughter fee = $1931.25  

What do you mean by hot carcass weight?  

      a.  The hot carcass weight is the weight of the animal after it is slaughtered     

            and the head, tail, legs, hide, and organs are removed.

What do you mean by live weight?

     a.  The live weight is the weight of the animal the day it is taken to the 

           processor but prior to actual slaughter.


Can you provide a sample cut list for a half beef?

      a.  62 lbs Ground Beef

           10 lbs Stew Beef

           10 lbs Cube Steak

             6 Filets

           14 NY Strips

           10 Ribeye Steaks

           10 Sirloin Steaks

             7 Chuck Roasts

             3 Shoulder Roasts 

             3 Sirloin Tip Roasts

             6 lbs Liver


Please note that the above is an estimate only.  The processor will call you when your half is ready to cut and will cut to YOUR specifications. Total weight to go in your freezer depends on how much your half weighed (hot carcass weight), cooler shrinkage (dry aging), and how much of it is bone-in cuts.


How soon can I get a half beef?

a.    We maintain a waiting list for halves and whole beef.  When the next crop is ready for harvest we call the folks who are next on the list. Sometimes the customer isn’t able to purchase at the time the calf is ready, so we call the next person on the list. We harvest twice per year as the calves are ready.


How do I get my name put on the list for a half or whole beef?

a.    Call Mac at 864-844-1621 or send an email to and ask to be put on the waiting list.


What if I only want a quarter beef?

a.    We do not sell quarters; however, a few of our customers will purchase a half and split it with their family members or friends. It is up to the customer to find someone to split a half with them before they are placed on our waiting list.


Do I cook Grassfed beef the same as I cook grain fed (grocery store) beef?

a.    NO!  Grassfed beef should be cooked at a lower temperature and a little slower than grain fed beef.


Can I purchase Carolina Grassfed Beef & Free-Range Eggs in any store?

a.    Carolina Grassfed Beef & Free-Range Eggs is proud to announce that our Farm Store is now OPEN!  We are open 7 days a week by appointment only.  Just give us a call and let us know when you would like to come by to purchase beef by the cut or eggs.  864-844-1621 




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